Kaku.com.ng, which we previously wrote about here, has finally launched. The website has been in beta since 2014.

Kaku.com.ng is a website that provides users with information on places to hangout based on their budget and other preferences.

The site allow users to choose the neighbourhood where they want to hangout, an option to enter proposed budget and a dropdown list of hangout categories currently limited to art centres, ice cream and pastries outlet, drinks and nightlife outlets. Expectedly, the site runs an algorithm that then suggests hangout spots based on parameters.

In an e-mail to Techcabal, Kayode Oyewole, co-founder of Kaku said that the platform’s major listings are currently in Lekki, VI, Ikeja, Surulere and Yaba. “Other areas would be added in time.”

Clearly, the app is not a location-based webapp out and out, so it doesn’t provide real-time location and directions to listed spots. The value proposition is helping users find spots per their budget, and it does that decently. Kaku allows users to get the address to suggested spots, view reviews from previous patrons, pictures and the basic services the spot offers.

While in beta testing, the website was basically a landing page with a severely limited listing. There are more spots listed now with general design improvements, but the design and user experience is still only twitching the needle. In a space with Liveoo and Foursquare as players, Kaku has some major tune-ups to do.

Bolade Popoola Author

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