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There’s a new discussion forum that looks a lot like Nairaland and it’s for the same country that Nairaland is about, no less. It’s called TalkAfrica.

What are the chances?

Nairaland is an online community created by Seun Osewa in March 2005 targeted at Nigerians (home and abroad). According to Wikipedia, “Nairaland currently has over 1,300,000 registered accounts (March 2015) and is ranked as the 7th most visited site in Nigeria ‘and the most visited indigenous site’ according to”. So Nairaland is established as the go to place for everything Nigerian. Now these guys are here. Though suggests a pan-african appeal, going through the site clearly points out that it’s essentially for the Nigerian audience.

At this time, TalkAfrica seems to be racking up some decent stats, for a forum that just launched in April of 2014, with about 33,428 members and 28,488 topics. If the stats are legit, it might give Nairaland a run for its money in the very near future.

But it’s fishy that most of the discussion threads have no comments for a forum that has this number of followers.

A little digging showed that Ellist Communication Technology Limited is the firm managing TalkAfrica, with IP location in Illinois, Chicago, according to Whois.

We’ve contacted Seun Osewa and Ellist CTL for comments.

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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