Facebook’s FbStart, a program launched in 2014 by the social networking company to scale early-stage startup has started its 2015 FbStart World Tour to meet and coach startups on business growth in 20 cities across the world.

The tour kicked off yesterday.

A news release from Facebook says the FbStart initiative has reached more than 3,800 startups around the world since last year.

“FbStart members are truly part of a global community – more than 60 percent of members are located outside of North America, with India, the U.K., and Brazil among the top five member countries.” according to Facebook.

Facebook says the program now has more than 20 partners contributing benefits worth more than $80,000 for companies in the accelerator programmes, $30,000 for bootstrapped startups, and $15,000 for startups in pre-launch.

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