The City of Johannesburg is currently training young IT enthusiasts in the City of Johannesburg Educate Digital Interns programme (COJEDI), ITnewsafrica reports.

The programme was designed as part of the foundation phase of developing Johannesburg’s smart city plan.

The internship began early this year and is looking to train 1000 youths in a 10-month IT course. The first batch of students are currently undergoing a four-month technical training programme.

According to the ITnewsafrica report, the City has developed a strong broadband connectivity around its locales but lacks human resources with the necessary skills to maintain the infrastructures.

The COJEDI programme focuses on raising students through critical thinking, equipping them with necessary skills to be able to meet the demand of connectivity as well as to become more valuable in the ICT sector.

“This programme will go a long way in improving IT skills and expertise in Johannesburg. It provides a superb opportunity for some of our brightest minds to learn the skills they will need to be more employable in future,” Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Parks Tau said at the launch of the programme earlier in 2015.

The city is working in partnership with FiberCo, Microsoft, Cisco, Technology Innovation Agency and Nunnovation Africa Foundation on the project.

Photo Credit: colemama via Compfight cc

Bolade Popoola Author

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