The Kenyan pay-per-use solar power system, M-KOPA, has announced it now powers 200,000 homes across East Africa.

In a release obtained by TechCabal, M-KOPA says it has doubled the number of homes connected to its solar home systems in the past eight months

Jesse Moore, Managing Director and Co-Founder, M-KOPA Solar, says, “It took us two years to connect our first 100,000 homes and just eight months to connect our second 100,000 homes. We are pushing hard to grow even faster and reach our goal of one
million homes by the end of 2017.”

M-KOPA is a Nairobi-based pioneer of solar service currently selling across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The startup provides low-income households with a pay-per-use installment plan where customers can acquire solar systems for a small deposit of $35 and then purchase daily usage “credits” for US $0.45, or less than the price of traditional kerosene lighting.

After one year of payments, customers can own their solar systems outright and can upgrade for more power.

Image featured: M-KOPA

Bolade Popoola Author

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