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The South Africa-based telecommunication service provider, Telkom has announced it will introduce an uncapped LTE-based high-speed wireless broadband by June 10, available only in Gauteng for now.

The offering will be among the promotion package to 150 users per base station, according to an earlier report on TechCentral.

“The uncapped high-speed package means that customers can access the web at high speeds with peace of mind that their bill will not increase regardless of their usage,” says Telkom Mobile and Consumer MD, Attila Vitai in the Telkom report.

Telkom says it’s the first telecommunication to delve into the uncapped LTE high-speed wireless broadband network which it intends to launch June 10. In 2013, however, local fixed line operator, Neotel announced uncapped data plans for enterprises at R999 ($81)/month.

The online sales will begin on the company’s platform by June 10 offering the uncapped high-speed wireless packages to customers in the selected base station at prices starting at R599 ($49). The site will give a coverage map to indicate the areas that are eligible to participate in the sales.

The package comes with an antenna and installations by telkom technicians with no extra cost. The first 50 customers will buy for R599, followed by R699 ($57) and R799 ($65) for the last 50. The telecoms company is promising download speeds of up to 90Mbps and up to 25Mbps upload speeds.

This service will roll out to additional cities in coming months.

Source: Techcentral

Photo Credit: nebarnix via Compfight cc

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