Facebook has released a new feature to allow users send locations in a chat window. Huawei wants to train a thousand African students in ICT over the next five years. Here are the news making the rounds in the African tech space.

Facebook’s update allows users exchange locations while chatting on messenger

Facebook has rolled out an update on its messenger that allows users send a map of their location to one another during a conversation.

Huawei wants to train 1000 African students in ICT technologies in its ‘Seed for the Future’ project

Huawei made the announcement at the world economic forum on Africa 2015. The company says it will train a thousand students with focus on ICT solutions over the next five years.

Active phone lines in Nigeria hit 145.4 million, according to NCC

From around 500,000 connected mobile phones 14 years ago, the number of active lines has reached over 145 million, according to Nigeria’s Communications Commision subscribers statistics.

Nairobi’s m:lab announces semi finalist of the Pivot East competition

Some of the semi-finalist are; BitFinance, Eko Biashara, V-Money, Shield, SoftProviders Ltd, KopaLeo, Remit Wallet and SapamaHRM

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Why did Emmanuel Adetutu put 3D printers in a suitcase

Emmanuel was comfortable with his bulky 3D printer till he had to come to Nigeria. The story of the foldable, mobile 3D printer.

Meet the Nigerian who would go to Mars

Remember Mars One and the longlist of 100 hopefuls who possibly go to Mars in 2025? TechCabal had a chat one of those; Ighodalo Eromosele. He tells us how see things from where he stands.

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LaunchLab offers bursaries for acceleration programme
Stellenbosch-based incubator LaunchLab is offering 50 per cent bursaries to those in need of financial assistance for its 10-week entrepreneurship acceleration programme.

Tanzania: Millicom buys 85 per cent stake in Zantel
According to a media statement issued by Millicom, it has agreed to buy an 85 percent stake in Tanzanian operator Zanzibar Telecom (Zantel) from the Etisalat Group.

Facebook takes to Senegal
Social media giant, Facebook, has revealed that it has now set its sight’s on Senegal – in order to launch as well as more than a dozen free basic services within the country.

Image: Exaqueo

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Nigeria now has 145.4 million active telephone lines with teledensity at the 103.9 percent, according to the latest figures released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) subscribers statistics report. The 145.4 million represents the total active mobile subscriptions on all mobile networks operating in the country, including the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), Code […]

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