Two teams, have been selected as winners in the Nairobi’s edition of the Word Bank-supported Negawatt challenge.

The winners will now move on to the acceleration phase which will focus on development and launch of their products, Disrupt Africa reports.

“We want to pass our congratulatory message to the other teams for making it this far! We will continue to engage with you at different levels in the journey towards making your innovations a reality,” the organisers say.

Plugin’s solution is a Plugin Pulse to improve energy consumption patterns by providing access to energy usage data collected across different consumer groups, including households, organisations and factories

Angaza’s Smart Energy device allows consumers keep track of energy consumption and reduce monthly utility bills by optimally connecting different home appliances to different energy sources.

The world bank has been in a quest to improve energy inefficiency in the world with its Negawatt challenge initiative and have moved across four cities, Nairobi inclusive, to host the competition.The contest held in Nairobi May 30th with four teams in participation. The negawatt challenge has been held in Accra, Rio de Janeiro and dar es salaam.

Photo Credit: .:Adry:. via Compfight cc

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