Travels startups, a funding, advisory and mentorship platform based in the US, has invested $ 25, 000 in Africabookings, a Zimbabwe-based hotel booking portal.

“Travel Startups Incubator is pleased to announce our investment in Africabookings, a hotel bedbank (wholesaler) with offices based out of Zimbabwe, Africa and the UK,” Travel Startups Incubator said on its website.

Disrupt Africa reports that the seed funding is projected to be used for the expansion of services of the hotel booking platform across 19 countries in sub-saharan Africa.

Afribookings is managed by founder and CEO, Bruce Tapping, and already has presence in some countries including Nigeria, Tanzania and Mauritius.

The company has stated it’s currently looking for hotels and lodges that need global distribution for their inventory.

Image: Homegrown

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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