Kenya-based private school, Aga Khan Academy, will be upgrading its edutech services with a virtual desktop technology, N-computing. A project that will set the school back by up to Ksh 1.7 million ($16,700).

The upgrade will provide students of the institution quick access to library catalogue, online lessons, chat and web-enhanced lectures, according to a Techmoran report. N-computing allows multiple users share one central processing unit (CPU) while each user still has a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.

“While in the library reading or researching, our students do not have to physically meet a teacher to explain concepts, they just upload specific software they require for the subject in question and get all the additional coaching or instructions they need,” said Mombasa Simon Otieno, acting head of the academy, in the report.

Scaling up edutech services in the academy is already helping the academy cut down on overhead. According to TechMoran, the school has saved up to 75 percent on hardware costs, along with electricity costs that has gone down by about 90 percent since introducing the technology.

Credit: Jarmulok Via Pixabay

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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