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Picture this! You walk into a store with your buddies and shop till you drop.

You get to the cashier, insert your payment card (either credit or debit card) into the POS machine, “pray” for signal (as in most cases) and your transaction isn’t successful!!!

You look around the store in dismay. Your buddies try to chip in but they don’t have enough cash to cover your entire purchase.

You on the other hand didn’t even come out with any cash at all.

You start looking for what items to re-shelf….

Does this scenario sound remotely familiar?

We bet it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and as such YOUR BANK has a solution for YOU; Diamond Bank Pay Attitude.

PayAttitude is an NFC (Near Field Communication) based tag type contactless solution that enables a user make POS payments without a debit card. The solution is PIN protected and converts a user’s device into a payment tool by attaching a readable NFC tag to the device.

The solution ties the PayAttitude tag to the user’s bank account and includes an e-purse that allows users complete transactions in offline modes. It allows the user to pay for goods and services without a debit card, make deposit/ withdrawals at Agent locations.

Here’s how to subscribe on PayAttitude

  • Just walk into a selected Diamond Bank location to subscribe for PayAttitude.
  • Provide your account information to the PBO to get a tag linked to your account on the platform
  • You select a pin, sign a subscription form and voila! You are all set-up on the platform.
  • YOU are now ready to use your tag solution.

This payment solution addresses your financial need right at your point of purchase. So you have absolutely no need to worry about making purchases when you don’t have your payment cards with you!

Go here to find out more.

Diamond Bank, Your Bank.

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