If you visit Linda Ikeji today, to the undiscerning eye, it may look like just another day at the news and gossip factory. But if you look at the address bar, there’s a nice surprise waiting for you.

Say byebye to ""

So long to dot blogspot dot com

Yep, Ms. LIB now has her very own domain name, minus the blogspot. I wonder how hard it must have been to settle for “lindaikejisblog” considering that every other linda ikeji dot anything has been nabbed by squatters. Even lindaikejiblog (without the s) looks like it’s already been bought by someone.

Now, that she’s gone with, I wonder if the squatters will let the other domains go. The gamble they paid doesn’t seem to be paying off.

Anyhoo, we wish the lady all the best with

Photo Credit: The Trent Online

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