So, last week, WeChat Wallet launched in South Africa. The idea is rather simple: allowing users to pay for goods and services digitally, without having the need to swipe a card or fork over cash. The feature also allows users to save up to three chip and PIN debit or credit cards, which are verified by Visa and MasterCard security systems on the app.

What’s the likelihood that it will happen in Nigeria soon? I’ll say the chances of that happening are pretty high.

Speaking to TechCabal, the WeChat Regional Manager for West Africa, Idemudia Dima-Okojie, said “Getting the WeChat Wallet feature all across Africa is on our roadmap. Having started in South Africa, we’re working quite hard and fast to get the feature all across the continent. Right now though, we’re working on building up the WeChat ecosystem in the region.”

Mr. Dima-Okojie also told TechCabal that as part of the building up process, two services will be launching on the app in Nigeria this week – Traclist and Pass.ng. With Traclist, a fashion, ecommerce business, people will be able to shop on the app while pass.ng, an exam preparatory and testing platform, will allow users to take test simulations right there in the app.

This is only the beginning. As was evident during the last Africabeta, a lot of developers and business owners are interested in the possibilities the WeChat platform can offer them (especially when you consider what the app is already doing in China). As more businesses migrate onto the platform, it would only push up the timeline of delivering the WeChat Wallet feature into the region.

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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