So I woke up this morning as an idea dropped into my head. You know, the type that jumps into your consciousness in the morning, as you transition from drowsiness to full alert. I’ve had hundreds of them in my lifetime (will probably have more). But unlike the rest that sneak away just as you come to, this one stayed. And it’s a million dollar idea.

I suspect it may even be a unicorn making idea. Don’t believe me? Okay, here’s proof.

First of all, it was one of the Power Rangers that gave me the idea. The green one. So the idea has got to be super important right? I think it is. He said, “this is how to solve the security issue. And it is scalable.”

Do I have your attention now? It gets better!

One of the unique selling points of Green Ranger’s idea (now my idea) is that I don’t even have to do anything. It’s all engrained in a system that merges two or more services to provide a composite service that would then address a pain point in the environment. I’m calling it “startup mashup”.

For this project, I’d prefer the companies to be startups. Why startups? Well, startups are more flexible and faster to adapt to change. They are also disposed to experiment. So, naturally, they’ll be the ones to have made it this far in my crazy rant.

Anyways, back to my idea: first we need a video streaming service; we have a bunch of those already. Next we need a startup that installs security cameras. The cameras must meet two requirements – first, small enough to be inconspicuous otherwise, the point of this project is defeated; and second, they must be internet enabled.

Then my idea involves having the cameras setup in covert areas inside and around the residence or office. The camera’s feed is programmed to livestream to another screen, in another location, maybe a cloud service, or the police station (I’m not so sure about the police station seeing as how unreliable they are…hmmm).

So, the cameras come on only when the security system is switched to panic mode, which can be done either via a physical button or an app. When in panic mode, the system captures, streams and saves the footage to the cloud and to another remote location. This will definitely come in handy for all those complex robbery, assault and murder cases.


The cameras capture and stream via live feed to screens and storage devices which can be used for investigation/prosecution

And there’s my unicorn idea! Did I mention it’s insanely scalable? For example, I could integrate pepper sprays disguised as fire sprinklers into the mix. Once the panic button goes off, the pepper sprays incapacitates our culprits. The possibilities are endless.

I know, I know. The idea is genius. Don’t thank me. Thank Green Ranger.

If you know how to tweak this idea, you know, to make it even more attractive please get in touch ASAP. Although, the fact that I just posted the entire idea on the internet robs me of any leverage whatsoever. And nothing’s stopping some smart guy from going ahead and doing this startup mashup without me. And take all the credit.

I clearly did not think this through.

Darn it!

Disclaimer: I may have chewed too many efirin roots this morning before coming to the office. Excuse me.
Photo Credit: aaron_anderer via Compfight cc

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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