Say hello to Softiris Africa, the Lagos based startup behind Active360 software.

Active360 is a bit difficult to capture in one sentence. The software started out as a cloud based, payroll and HR management software for corporate organizations. Somewhere along the line, the Founder & CEO – Kachi Eze – ran into a friend who saw the software and requested for a suitable version that could serve an educational environment. And that’s when the school vertical was created. The rest as they say, is the story I’m writing today.

Today, Activ360 exists as two distinct products, a cloud-based management software that handles payroll and HR related activities; and a school administration and database management software called Activ360 for Schools (which handles registrations, admissions, student records, results, report cards, staff, parent communications, basically, anything the school requests can be added).

A new entrant into the startup scene, the Activ360 software launched October 2015, and according to the Softiris team, “has 16 schools signed up with another 15 to go live within the next two weeks.” As for the Payroll and HR module, the startup has signed on “several medium sized organisations that have up to 1200 staff.”

The startup has been entirely self funded till date.

The founder told TechCabal, “the astounding rate of adoption tells us that we hit the market at just the right time. We have schools calling and asking, even from outside Lagos where we are, about the software because they have heard about its benefits. The analytics that give insight to your child’s performance so you can make early interventions in problem areas as against making up after the damage has been done. The school staff also have the additional advantage of the payroll and HR modules as part of the package deal.”

The team plans to create other verticals for other industries which will be powered by the same Activ360 portal. “Think of any industry and then Activ360 and you have it. Regarding the business side of things, we are also working on scaling the business so we can quickly dominate the market and at the same time meet the business needs of as many industries within Africa that we can.”

Photo Credit: Einar Samuelsson via Compfight cc

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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