Apparently, quick charging batteries are all the rave these days. With good reason too – smartphones drain batteries at an incredible rate. And short of producing ginormous phones with a hefty battery pack, manufacturers have been searching for other viable solutions.

So far, they’ve been able to cook up quick charging batteries, I mean 5 minutes-quick, and wireless charging solutions.

Distance charging is wireless charging taken to its logical conclusion.

The aim of wireless charging has always been to eliminate wires. And the tech initially did so. The first wireless charging solutions involved pads (or backplates as they’re called) that the phone still had to be in physical contact with. That is, the wireless charging was in reality just contact charging.

But new advancements in technology suggests that true wireless charging, the kind that allows you full mobility with your device even as you charge up your phone, will soon become mainstream.

Remember those backplates I mentioned earlier? Well, manufacturers have found a way to increase the power of the electromagnetic waves they generate. Initially, they produced waves that could only travel centimeters. But with the new improvements, we’re expecting distances as much as 30 feet. Researchers at MIT have also come up with a long range wireless charging tech called magMIMO. According to this Extreme Tech article, “you might not even have to take the phone out of your pocket to charge it — MagMIMO will simply detect the phone and project a cone of energy toward it to connect.”

Imagine walking into your room or office, and your phone starts charging immediately, and stays charging till you leave the room. If the phone is always charging, it also means that battery size can reduce and we’ll finally have those ultra thin smartphones we’ve always dreamt of.

My only concern is with TV waves, mobile phone waves, and WiFi internet waves all currently bombarding our bodies 24/7, adding one more set of electromagnetic waves sounds like a recipe for brain melt.

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Ibukun Taiwo Author

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