I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t love discounts. Luckily, there’s an entire weekend devoted to discounts and it’s called Black Friday. Africa has been in on the whole fanfare and this year ecommerce and retailers are joining the train.

What this means for you is that, you may probably get that new iPhone for about half the price, if you’re lucky. Here are a few places that are having Black Friday sales.


It’s almost impossible to not know about Jumia’s Black Friday sales. It’s been on every Adsense banner for weeks. Konga has their Yakata Day and Payporte is calling theirs Payporte Double Black. Yudala is also having an offline Black Friday event. These are just some of the few ones that have hit my radar as of late.


In Kenya, Jumia is also making its presence felt as they plan a sequel to last year’s Black Friday special. No surprise really. Last year, the ecommerce store increased sales by a reported 900 percent, largely attributed the success to that year’s Black Friday. I searched but it seems the brick and mortar stores are not getting on the Black Friday train. They’re probably waiting for the Christmas/end of the year holiday.

Jumia is also having Black Friday sales at their Uganda and Ghana stores.

South Africa

In South Africa, a lot of retail stores are really mining the Black Friday event for all its worth. Esquire, has already begun their deals, which will run till November 30. Uniterm Direct is offering Black Friday discounts on a few of their gadgets. The deals close midnight of November 27 though. BidorBuy has discounts on household products and gadgets (their Xbox One deal in particular, caught my eye).


TakeawayUG seems to be offering only one remotely related Black Friday deal – a thanksgiving turkey. *straight face*


Looks like Ghana is also knee deep into the Black Friday spirit. Tisu is having a discount bonanza come Friday November 27. No word yet on the specific items that will be available on that day so you’ll probably have to check in periodically. Zoobashop is having a huge discount weekend tagged Jaara. It’ll run from November 27th to 30th.

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