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Wednesday’s live broadcast with Olaotan Towry-Coker, about the newly launched Cranium One co-working space was great.

Major takeaways

Cranium One is not a neuro-augmentation facility. It only sounds like one.

The venture is funded by three investors who have worked with Olaotan on previous projects and trust his business acumen. Way to go.

Private offices, fixed desks and hot desks cost N150k, N100k and N80k respectively.

Was originally tech-focused, but elected to make it open to a diverse range of people in complementary industries. So ideally, a coder, might be sitting next to a designer, and across from a marketing/business person, who could be sitting next to an angel investor.

If you sign up to any of the tiers, it also comes with all the coffee you can drink. Will Olaotan regret making this concession? Welp.

Watch the broadcast to get the whole gist.

One more thing.

We’re making these live broadcasts a thing. Next week, we’ve got David Ko of Jide Technology (lol, Jide?) lined up to talk about why his company is bringing their acclaimed Android PC, the Remix Mini, to the Nigerian market. Stay tuned.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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