The Remix Mini

The Remix Mini

Most people know of two types of personal computer. There’s Windows computers, which for all intents and purposes are what people assume you are talking about when you say the word “PC”. There are Mac computers, which is the other type of personal computer that its owners pointedly refuse to call “PC”, because how are you supposed to know that they don’t use Windows?

Jide Technology, a software company founded by 3 ex-Google engineers is hoping that in time, people will come to acknowledge a third type of personal computer. The Android PC.

remix mini

Jide Technology’s Android PC is powered by their own take on Google’s open source operating system. Remix OS is a productivity-focused version of Android that turns what was originally a mobile OS into a full-fledged desktop computing experience. Their efforts have been well received – Jide Technology raised more than $1.6 million on Kickstarter, have shipped close to 30,000 mini computers to users all over the world and have naturally picked up a ton of positive press and reviews along the way.

The speed at which Jide Technology is deploying its products across the world is remarkable. Software companies are in theory able to transcend geographical barriers easily as long as markets are receptive. But once there is a hardware component, physical logistics make things considerably more complex. At January 2016’s CES, Jide Technology announced a partnership with Tecno Mobile that will see them power the latter’s latest tablet with Remix OS — a software deal. But somehow, they’ve gone so far as to take their hardware, the Remix Mini, to South Africa, and as you might have guessed by now, Nigeria. The first units will hit the (online) stores as early as next week.

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It’s going down

Not only will we be reviewing the Remix Mini (that sound you hear is Osarumen rubbing his hands together), I’ll be chatting to Jide Technology co-founder, David Ko in a live broadcast at noon on Wednesday the 30th (tomorrow). I have many questions. The first of which is why does their company sound like it was named for a Yoruba demon?* Subscribe to get notified when we go live.

And one more thing. Watching the broadcast is an opportunity to win one of two Remix Mini PCs that we’ll be giving out during the show (hmm, we’re calling it a show now?). We’ll let you know how that’s going down just before we begin. So once again, subscribe! See you tomorrow.

NB: You will need a Twitter account (don’t forget to follow @TechCabal) to subscribe to the broadcast. Google Chrome or the mobile apps are recommended for viewing the broadcasts. All broadcasts can be replayed right there on Blab or on our YouTube channel.

*Jide is a Yoruba male name.

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