The new Uber update has a Trip Tracker attached to its Family Profiles feature. What it does is give a notification when a member of your family profile hails an uber, and allow you monitor their trip on the map.

According to Uber, the aim of Trip Tracker is to enable users feel rest assured when their loved ones are on a trip. In their words, “Trip Tracker uses sophisticated technology to bring you peace of mind while your nearest and dearest ride on Uber”.

This means that instead of calling or texting to keep up with family members’ trips, you can just track it on the app. Trip Tracker will tell you when the trip starts, what route is being taken and when the trip ends.



how it works

Uber’s Family Profiles is a program that allows up to 10 people share one payment method. It was announced in March and it’s been successful in most of Latin America with Brazil, Mexico and Columbia on the list of countries with the most Family Profiles.

There’s already a way to track people’s trips, but they’d have to share their ETA with you. With Trip Tracker, you don’t need that for members on your family profiles list.

Now, we can argue about the lack of privacy this feature brings, but I’m guessing it’s mainly for parents who need to know their kids are safe whenever they go out.

Tola Agunbiade | Author