There’s a super secret list of the best Nigerian programmers. We, *collectively beat chests* have that list. And because we are nice somebodies, we have decided to share it with you.

Ok so, maybe that’s a lie. There is a list ranking the top Nigerian programmers. But the bit about it being top secret was a stretch. It can be found on Github Awards, a Github ranking page created by Vincent Daubry. Github Awards categorizes the best programmers according to programming language, cities they reside in, countries and then worldwide.

Here’s how the ranking is done (before you people start smelling rats). First your score is computed using this formula – sum(stars) + (1.0 – 1.0/count(repositories)). Then you are ranked according to your score compared to other developers in the same language or in the same location.

Now that you’re sure it’s legit and your mind is at ease, we present to you *off key trumpeting* the definitive list of top programmers in Nigeria as compiled by Github Awards.


Prosper Otemuyiwa (Unicodeveloper) – PHP

Egbon 1 of PHP, Prosper

Egbon 1 of PHP, Prosper Otemuyiwa

Prosper was a technical trainer for Andela before becoming technical writer for Auth0.  Laravel Hackathon Starter Pack, a tool to help developers get up-and-running quickly with MVPs developed by Prosper once amassed over 500 stars on GitHub beating Facebook to become the number two on the top trending list of #PHP developers in the world.  


Ire Aderinokun (Ireade) – JavaScript/CSS


Ire Aderinokun, JavaScript/CSS heavyweight champion

Ire is a self taught UI Designer and Front-End Developer. She’s also Head of Design and Product at Big Cabal publishers of Tech Cabal and Zikoko. You see? All we do is win win win no matter what. Ire blogs at

Moyinoluwa Adeyemi (Moyheen) – Java



Moyin Moyin, creator Yoruba Watch Faces, top Nigerian Java programmer, carry on.

Moyin is the creator of Yoruba Watch Faces, watch faces that tell time in yoruba. How cool is that?  She is a software engineer at Swifta Systems and Services International. She’s also a co-organizer of the Google Developers Group.

Makinwa Olubukola (Bmakinwa) – Ruby



Makinwa Olubukola pictured thinking about what epic feat to accomplish next.

Makinwa is a lead facilitator at Andela. She was previously Lead Developer at Swap Space who decided to learn how to code because she loved Fifa. Read all about it here.

The great thing about this rank is that most of these programmers are self-taught. Now you’re making the mistake of asking, “what’s the big deal with programming anyway? I can do it in my sleep.” Before you talk anymore nonsense like that read about the trials and tribulations of learning how to code and humble yourself.

For the programmers, techprenueurs and enthusiasts reading this, Prosper asks that you…grab your mousepad right now, click it 4 times, leave one hand on your keyboard and put the other hand on your chest.

Now, repeat after me:


If  you are as inquisitive (polite substitute for monitoring spirit) as our friends here, find out who else made the list here.

Update 20/09/2016 03:50pm : It’s been brought to our notice that the rankings have changed. As of now, the top programmers are:

JavaScript – Obinwanne Hill (Obihill)

Ruby- Opeyemi Eyiowuawi (Oeyiowuawi)

Java – Segun Famisa (Segunfamisa)

The top developer for PHP remains Prosper Otemuyiwa (Unicodeveloper)

I find it (very) curious that the ranks have changed in less than a day, seeing as it had remained the same since Devcenter wrote about it last week. If I didn’t have screenshots of the ranks I’d think I was going mad. *shrugs and strolls into the sunset grateful that her sanity is intact*

Stephanie Ohumu Author

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