The naira is falling, operational costs are rising and you’re desperately looking for new ways to trim your expenses. One such way is a more effective management of your company account to cut waste and overhead costs. You could hire an accountant, but what if you cannot afford one yet?

These three accounting apps will help you manage your finances better at no extra cost, freeing up time for you to pay attention to other important parts of your business.


1. Wave

Designed for businesses with nine or less employees, Wave is a set of online tools for accounting, invoice, payments, payroll and receipts. The app requires no download. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet. Try Wave here.


2. Money Manager EX

If you like working on the move with a mobile phone or a tablet, Money Manager Ex is your best bet. The app will track your assets, budgets, recurring transactions, stocks and more across Android, iOS and Windows devices. It also handles multiple currencies and generates custom financial reports. Get Money Manager EX here.


3. GnuCash

GnuCash is versatile, providing great accounting functionality based on double-entry bookkeeping. Available for Windows and Mac OS, the app tracks your bank accounts, expenditure and income with the simplicity of a checkbook register. Get GnuCash here.


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