There are some phones you pick up and drop without remembering them afterwards because they are “the usuals” while there are some others you want to hold, experience and even own because of their uniqueness and the TA-50 Power is one of such phones.

Though it is an entry-level smartphone, however, it ticks several checkboxes for demanding users and if you are considering to replace your smartphone with a budget phone without compromising on the essential features and quality then I recommend you buy the TA-50 Power phone but only after you have read these 7 points.

  • Design

The body on the TA-50 appeals to aesthetic sensibilities. There’s an intentional feel to the curves and placements on this one that howbeit somehow slippery, it is still very comfortable in the hand and light.

  • Camera

The camera is an ever-ready feature. Not the typical exaggerated rating some brands slam on their products that produce low-quality pictures, the 8MP front and rear cameras with a flash can deliver a considerately impressive photo.

  • Software

As an entry-level smartphone, the TA-50 comes with a 1GB of RAM and inbuilt 16GB ROM with an expandable storage capacity of up to 64GB. Pre-installed with Android GO, the device can multitask extensively and run several apps including videos and games at the same time – though, a simplified version of these apps but serves its purpose just fine. It also has an optimized 1.3GHz, quadcore memory speed that is surprisingly very responsive.

  • Battery

If you are looking for a smartphone with a reliable battery, then the TA-50 is worth experiencing. Unlike other entry-level phones, you will find yourself almost never thinking of using a power-bank. That’s how reliable the battery is.

  • Android™ Go

TA-50 power smartphone is powered by the Android 8.1 (Go edition) operating system, which is optimized to deliver a number of benefits including:

  • A smooth and fast experience tailored to devices with 1GB of RAM or less
  • Enhanced data efficiency
  • New and re-imagined Google apps for entry-level smartphones including Google Go, Google Assistant and YouTube Go for Android™ 8.1 (Go edition)

  • Google Assistant

As you may know, smartphones are getting a lot smarter. Just by talking to your phone, you can command it to set a reminder, text your wife or even call your mum. The list is endless and keeps on growing bigger. With the TA-50 Power comes your personal assistant aka the Google Assistant.

  • Fingerprint

The TA-50 comes with a well-positioned fingerprint scanner at the rear of the device. The fingerprint scanner is super-fast to respond and also a very secure way to shut intruders out of your mobile phone.

Specs At a Glance

Dimension 71*144.5*9.6mm
Colours Champagne, Black
OS Android GO
Processor 1.3GHz, Quad Core
Network 2G/3G
Screen Size 5.0inch
Screen Resolution HD 720*1280
Storage 1GB RAM+16GB ROM, Expandable 64GB
Camera Rear 8MP AF + Front 8MP with front & rear flash
Battery Li-Polymer 4000mAh
Special Fingerprint, OTG Support and Multiple Languages
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