HMD Global, makers of Nokia phones, have announced six new Nokia Android phones in a live stream.

Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global, began the event by addressing the brand’s new identity.

Why would you buy a Nokia phone?

“Our fans are clearly telling us that there are three main reasons. They love it, trust it and want to keep it,” Seiche said.

With the new range of Nokia phones, it’s clear that HMD Global is not keen on disappointing both existing and potential fans. 

And fans are in for a thrill with features like 3-day battery life and a dual sight multi-cam that allows you to record videos with your front and back cameras simultaneously.

Nokia C Series

With phones from $60 to $130, the Nokia C Series is a perfect first smartphone as HMD Global aims to use this series to bridge the gap between feature phones and smartphones – helping users move from one to the other.

C Series users are certain of a few things: All-day battery life, 2 years of guaranteed monthly security updates. Android OS version specifically suited for low memory devices.

The two phones released under this series are the Nokia C10 and C20.

The Nokia G Series

The G Series (G10 and G20) can go from $110 to $300. 

With this range of phones, users get: 3-day battery life, 3 years of guaranteed monthly security updates, 2 years of Android OS updates, 48 MP Quad Camera, face unlock and side fingerprint unlock, camera night mode, amongst others.

The Nokia X Series

One of the more exciting features of the X Series is the dual sight multi-cam. Users can get two views from the same camera or from their front and back cameras at the same time.

With pricing for the X Series (X10 and X20) starting from $250, users of the X series will be looking to use their phones for a very long time and can be sure of 3 years worth of security and Android OS updates. The series will also support 5G.

Wall chargers will not be included in the packaging of the X Series in the EU as HMD Global is making a move against the increment of e-waste in the EU. The phone will also come with a 100% compostable phone case.

HMD Global also announced the release of new Nokia Lite earbuds.

You can watch the launch event below:

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