L-R Kazeem Tewogbade, Olumide Soyombo Source: Bluechip Technologies

Bluechip Technologies, a Nigerian software company that provides management solutions to companies, has recently announced an expansion move into Europe. Launched in 2008 by prolific investors Olumide Soyombo and Kazeem Tewogbade, the company plans, designs, implements and operates business application solutions and central strategies to create and maintain a competitive business advantage. 

The company’s latest expansion follows the growing demand for the company’s products and services. Bluechip, which started in Nigeria and has expanded to Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, and the DRC, has been at the forefront of Africa’s data warehousing growth. Bluechip’s expansion follows a recent trend of African companies expanding overseas, like Moove’s expansion into India. Richard Lewis, a seasoned executive with experience spanning four decades, will lead the company’s expansion strategy in Europe. 

In a statement shared with TechCabal, he said, “I’m thrilled to work with the Bluechip team, having worked with the founders on a number of other projects throughout the years. As one of the leading data warehousing companies in Africa with an extensive track record of working with some of the biggest OEMs and enterprises, I believe we are well placed to offer immense value to businesses in this region and I am looking forward to building new connections in the coming months.”

Richard Lewis Source: Bluechip Technologies

Bluechip, an enterprise tech company, has worked with large companies in Africa like telco companies MTN and 9mobile, and banks like Guaranty Trust Bank, First Bank, and Access Bank. The company has also successfully partnered with international companies like Oracle and Microsoft and is now poised to do the same in Europe. Operating out of Carlingford in Ireland, Bluechip plans to build on its success with the telco and banking sectors in Africa by targeting these sectors in Europe. 

Olumide Soyombo, one of the co-founders of Bluechip, said in a statement shared with TechCabal, “We are excited to be one of the trusted experts answering the growing demand for data products and solutions in the global market. Numerous businesses trust us to provide quality analytics solutions, which has led to referrals from our international clients in Africa for projects outside the continent. We are looking forward to combining our expertise with local knowledge to secure new strategic relationships, with the experience we bring from one of the toughest markets meaning we can offer this market the same robust solutions and services.” 

Bluechip specialises in assembling data from multiple sources and translating it into information that assists organisations in understanding trends like churn and the lifetime value of a customer, as well as how to make better business decisions based on the data obtained. To do this, the company believes that human capital is very essential to its success. 

Just last week, the company launched Primo Academy, a 6-month training program that will groom students to become data professionals without any prior experience. The company noticed a shortage of tech talent and wants to equip aspiring data professionals with the necessary skills to work in a global economy. Successful candidates will be onboarded into Bluechip or recommended to Bluechip’s pool of partners.  

The growing post-pandemic trend in remote working, a critical shortage of tech talent and an increase in demand for managing data more efficiently present a great opportunity for Bluechip to bring it’s more than decade-long expertise to the wider EU market. 

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