Tech, they say, is the new oil. Governments, big corporates, and individuals are leveraging it to build, and perhaps rebuild, the world. But we have barely scratched the surface of its potential. 

Since 2021, TechCabal has shown the world that there’s tech in everything by reporting on the business and human impact of tech on the continent through our stories, reports, events, and newsletters

We have ignited interesting conversations around this, and now, we’re taking this a step further to show you how you too can join in the tech revolution.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Entering Tech (ET), a new weekly newsletter that will deep-dive into the manifold tech careers that exist today. With ET, TechCabal will help more Africans to take up space in our tech ecosystem by answering the recurring question: “How can I get into tech?” Whoever reads Entering Tech will receive expert, practical, and easy-to-understand knowledge on how they can kick-start their tech careers, pursue non-coding tech roles, and set themselves up for success. 

Entering Tech’s reader is you, your friends, and anyone from any field who wants to know more about how “this tech thing” works. The best part? We are making you part of the process! Every week, you’ll get to us any tech-career-related questions and we’ll find the answers for you. 

The newsletter will go out every Wednesday at 12 PM (WAT). 

As a publication leading Africa’s tech conversations, we are stepping into the responsibility of ensuring Africans’ place at the global tech table is cemented with information and the right resources. 

The first edition of Entering Tech goes live this Wednesday, August 31. Sign up here so you don’t miss it. 

Editorial TechCabal Editorial Team

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