This guest article was contributed to TechCabal by Maruche Kalu.

Social media is revolutionising how businesses communicate their value proposition to their target markets. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a beloved neighbourhood bakery, businesses now have a budget for getting their messages across through one or all of the social media platforms. A 2022 PR Newswire report found that 25% of a poll of 1,003 small businesses considered social media to be their most digital marketing tool, which infers that as digital penetration widens, the impact of social media on businesses will also increase. 

Social media presence has opened an industry that comprises tools that enable the seamless usage of social media, from creating content to scheduling, posting, and data analysis. Below are three things that will allow a seamless social media management posting experience. 

  • Canva: This platform enables the easy creation of social media graphics by manipulating ready-made templates. If you’re a social media manager with little graphic design experience, Canva will be a lifesaver. You can easily input images, explore fonts and colours and, most importantly, ensure that you create and maintain a brand kit that enables your brand to become recognisable in an era in which competition is high. You can create an account on the Canva application or website and enjoy a free trial. 
  • MTN Thryve Ads: Once you have your graphic, photo, or video ready to be posted, this new platform guides you on how to set up your social media ad and get them approved faster than when you go through Facebook. You can also enjoy simplified payment options that allow you to bypass any issues with card payments that occur when making international purchases. Most importantly, MTN Thryve Ads will enable you to monitor your campaign’s performance on an interactive dashboard. Click here to get started. 
  • Google Calendar: Planning out content can be daunting, but this application enables you to write out topics and space them out at the best frequency. Once you’ve decided on what days and times you want to post, you can set reminders to stay on track. Consistency is critical when it comes to building a community on social media. It always helps when your followers can anticipate your posts and content. This application is accessible through Google Workspace. 

Global statistics show that the average person spends 147 minutes on social media daily, which means that growing your social media presence is integral for increasing awareness about your brand. To effectively use social media to improve your earnings, you need to understand tools that seamlessly create, disseminate, and monitor your social media content. 

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