SeamlessHR, a cloud-hosted HR and payroll software provider, has partnered with Monnify by Moniepoint, a payment platform for Nigerian businesses. The partnership will offer Nigerian businesses the ability to seamlessly pay salaries and payroll remittances through Monnify.

SeamlessHR users can now choose between disbursing salaries and pensions on SeamlessPayroll via Monnify, or continue with the current option of using Flutterwave.

Deji ‘Lana, cofounder of SeamlessHR, believes that the startup is on its way to helping Nigeria businesses “pay their people on time”. “With the recent challenges faced in Nigeria by individuals and businesses in smoothly processing transactions and accessing funds, we decided to offer our customers more options to directly disburse salaries on SeamlessPayroll, helping them pay their people on time,” he said. 

He further explained that the startup is aimed at helping businesses across Africa optimise their various business processes, including how personnel were remunerated.

Addressing a common wage problem

The collaboration between Moniepoint and SeamlessHR is particularly beneficial to businesses because payroll management and salary disbursement are crucial aspects of business management that can significantly impact the employee experience.

A survey conducted by the African Development Bank in 2014 found that over 60% of workers in African countries reported that their wages were paid late or irregularly, partly due to the lack of payroll systems. 

“Beyond paying employees well, it’s equally important to pay them on time. Staff depend on their salaries to fund their lifestyles, so if something affects that, it would definitely affect their ability to show up productively at work.” ‘Lana concluded.

Faith Omoniyi Reporter

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