Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), one of Nigeria’s biggest banks, launched a new app for its customers after several complaints regarding the old one, but customers are unimpressed with the app.

On Wednesday, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), Nigeria’s 5th biggest bank by assets, launched a new banking phone app for its customers. The app’s new promise was a better user interface for customers. With the launch of the new app, the bank told customers that it would discontinue support for the old version of GTWorld by August 12. Several GTBank customers told TechCabal that the new banking app does not work and has left them unable to use banking services. 

From conversations with six GTBank customers, TechCabal learned that many customers cannot log in to the new app. With no explanation from the bank, GTBank customers have been targeted by fake helpcare accounts on Twitter.  

Jesse, an executive assistant who downloaded the new GTBank app, told TechCabal, “When I tried to log in, I thought it was my internet service provider that had issues, so I switched to my mobile network. It was still the same. I gave it a few hours and still had the same issue. It’s just horrible.” 

A screenshot of the new app.

Chioma, a writer, told TechCabal that she felt “strong-armed” into using the new app because her phone automatically updates apps in the middle of the night. She told TechCabal how she was almost embarrassed after having to make an important transfer today that didn’t go through. Olatunji, a journalist, had similar remarks. “The app updated automatically, and I’ve not been able to log into the new app since yesterday,” he told TechCabal.

In 2021, TechCabal reported how mass exits and a shortage of talent at GT Bank led to overworked staff, which at the time led to a faulty and buggy app. “The pressure is crazy. One person is doing three people’s jobs, all in the name of efficiency, Michael*, an ex-employee told TechCabal. Nigeria has suffered a brain drain in recent years, as several programmes like the Tech Nation Visa have allowed its best and brightest to leave the shores in search of a better life. “I always have issues with transfers almost every week; I got a text about the upgrade and thought it’d be better. I installed it, but I’ve not been able to sign in since then,” Khalid, a student, told TechCabal.

Kezia, a designer, told TechCabal that she downloaded the new app herself because she thought a refresh would be great. However, she was left disappointed when she could not log in, something she considers “very annoying.” “I can’t do transfers or buy credit because USSD codes don’t work for me either, so I’m basically stuck unless I go to a GT Bank branch.”

Ganiu Oloruntade Reporter, TechCabal

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