Have you ever had to spend money you were going to save?

Watching your savings grow comes with many temptations and sometimes the instant gratification from buying something outweighs the common sense desire to save. Zedcrest Wealth has come up with the perfect solution to help with that and redefine the financial awareness process.

The Zedcrest Wealth app comes with three main products; savings, investment, and gamified financial literacy. Gamified financial literacy comes with small perks to aid your journey with money. Whether you want to save towards a trip with your friends, invest in buying a home through a mortgage, or just become more disciplined with your finances, Zedcrest Wealth is making that possible. They believe in the power of fun as an incentive and they’re putting this incentive to work as they teach customers how to work hand in hand with money. 

The fun side of money

To work with money better and invest in your future, the Zedcrest Wealth app houses a financial literacy game centre. Think of the game centre as Duolingo but for financial literacy. It is a social investing feature that rewards you with coins for performing certain activities. From when you sign up on the app to when you save, users are rewarded with Zed Coins that convert to discounted rides on ride-hailing platforms and discounted meals on food platforms, and other interesting rewards.

By offering these perks, users are encouraged to learn how to become financially savvy while watching  their money grow. The app gamifies the process of investment, saving, and financial literacy in the following ways:

  • Fun quizzes: On the app, you get to participate in interesting quizzes. Participants receive  Zed coin rewards for taking the quizzes.  To aid in understanding the quizzes, users can access a plethora of educational articles on the Zedcrest Wealth blog from the app. The app also features educational materials from Stears. By providing best-in-class financial literacy materials and gamifying the process of learning these materials, Zedcrest Wealth is empowering  its users to  make more informed and better money decisions.
  • Leaderboard ranking: When you save or invest, you also receive Zed coins which rank you against other users on a global leaderboard. If you and your friends/family have been sleeping on financial goals, now is a great time to make it a little competition, hold yourselves accountable, and  see who emerges top of the board every week. The best part is you also earn Zed coins for  your friends/family being so disciplined with their finances.

This method of combining fun and money has set Zedcrest Wealth users on a more engaging path to financial fulfilment. They have fun while being encouraged to plan better for their financial future. 

There are also other ways for savers and investors to get coins and move up the leaderboard and they are:

  • Verification of BVN/NIN 
  • Face verification 
  • ID document verification 
  • Deposits: First deposit and subsequent deposits get users points.
  • Savings: first savings and subsequent savings get users points.
  • Investment: First investment and subsequent investment give users points.
  • Taking the Risk Assessment test.

Buddy system 

You can invest in your loved ones, keep them accountable, and nudge them to save by inviting them to join you on the Zedcrest Wealth app. You earn 200 Zed coins every time you refer a loved one.

After signing up on the app, you can save together for mortgages, trips, school needs, etc. and experience financial freedom like never before. You can also rack up more coins when the buddies you invite perform some activities like signing up, making their first savings, deposit and investment and their subsequent savings and investments. 

About Zedcrest Wealth

Zedcrest Wealth is an SEC-licensed asset management company which seeks to simplify wealth creation for its clientele through technology, innovative and accessible financial products. With the Zedcrest Wealth app, users are given the opportunity to create a better relationship and work hand in hand with their money. Download the Zedcrest Wealth app on Play Store or on the Apple App Store  to enjoy the impressive interest rates and start the journey towards  financial freedom today. 

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