Maintaining liquidity is the lifeblood of many businesses, especially financial institutions. From the SVB crash to the recent naira scarcity crises, businesses have had to adjust their strategies for maintaining liquidity and surviving a crisis. Because banks are economically vital institutions, they must continue practising the best liquidity management practices. They have to have easily liquid assets to continue to operate and make sure their portfolios are built on these assets to continue to thrive. Maintaining liquidity can sometimes cause these financial institutions to neglect long-term financially rewarding investments that can propel the business forward. OneLiquidity is offering access to liquidity as a service to businesses to allow them to float through a cash crunch.

OneLiquidity is a platform businesses can use to expand their service offering with one simple integration. OneLiquidity provides liquidity in the form of crypto and fiat to keep business afloat and enable them to scale; and they also provide on-demand technology to businesses for easier and safer integration that helps them manage capital better. With over 10+ services to choose from, businesses can completely customise their offering to suit their needs. By leveraging OneLiquidity’s access to technology, deep liquidity pools, and compliance services, startups can maintain focus on scaling their businesses rather than wasting resources starting from scratch.


Some of the most popular services that OneLiquidity offers include Liquidity-as-a-service, compliance-as-a-service, crypto-as-a-service, fintech-as-a-service, and trading-as-a-service. These services come with available API tools from OneLiquidity that cover all the areas of need a fintech or crypto exchange might require to run smoothly. With trading services,, OneLiquidity provides access to spot trading, over-the-counter trading (OTC), and RFQ (fiat-fiat, crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs). Under its fintech services the company offers lending services (fiat and crypto collateralised lending, short and middle term, overdrafts in crypto and fiat, and trade financing), payments (local payments, cross-border payments, invoice settlements, and global payments), and also treasury management (exposure management, client settlement, invoicing management, and asset management). With compliance-as-a-service users get access to comprehensive AML & compliance screening including KYC onboarding tools and the ability to screen crypto related wallets, transactions and entities against sanctions checklists.

Other technology services the company offers include technology for creating crypto wallets for collection and disbursement; fiat wallet services for collection and disbursement; and also compliance services to operate these technologies efficiently. The company also provides a robust selection of tools for many other startup needs. 

OneLiquidity’s technology and service toolkit eliminates the liquidity concerns of fintechs as they get access to deep liquidity pools for either crypto or FX as well as access to settlements in 20 currencies. Eliminating these products and liquidity concerns reduces overhead costs for businesses, eliminates risks, and ultimately makes more time for innovation and growth for startups. Currently, OneLiquidity has a long list of prestigious partners like Obiex, Wewire, and Busha. Join these companies and get your ideas to market faster by partnering with OneLiquidity. Start now with zero upfront fees, one integration, and one solution all with OneLiquidity.

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