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The sizzling tension of a boardroom brawl where MTN is fighting for greater control over IHS Tower, the company that runs its network sites, continues.

MTN Nigeria has said that it will pass its tower operations from IHS Towers to a competitor, ATC Nigeria, by the year 2025. This could seriously affect IHS Tower’s revenue.

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TikTok Live may be banned in Kenya

Image source: Zikoko memes

Kenya is trying to kill TikTok Live.

Remember that meeting where Kenyan President Ruto sat down with TikTok? Well, the Kenyan Film Classification Board (KFCB) also attended, and they urged TikTok to disable the live feature to stop the growing trend of content creators making explicit sexual content on TikTok Lives at night. 

ICYMI: Kenya’s House of Assembly received a petition from a concerned citizen calling for a TikTok ban due to the trend of explicit sexual content on the platform. But President Ruto believes an outright ban is not the solution, considering many Kenyans are building careers through content creation. Instead, he engaged in a dialogue with TikTok to enhance content moderation on the platform.

So, the burning question is, will TikTok ban live broadcasts in the East African country? The company has yet to comment on whether they will take this suggestion seriously. The only outcome confirmed from the meeting is TikTok’s commitment to launch a hub in Kenya and hire content moderators to review posts on the app. Additionally, the KFCB recommended that TikTok should also take action against those who post explicit content by shutting down their accounts and preventing them from creating new ones through the blacklisting of their phone’s IMEI number.

Zoom out: Beyond Kenya’s borders, petitions to ban TikTok have also surfaced in Uganda and Egypt for similar reasons—citing concerns about immorality and threats to the nation. TikTok has already faced bans in Senegal and Somalia. However, both citizens and experts smell a rat; they think that the respective governments are banning the platform to suppress public criticism of the government.

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Flutterwave expands into India

Itana's founders
Image source: TechCabal

Flutterwave is teaming up with India’s IndusInd Bank to launch its Send App remittance product right into the heart of India.

But why IndusInd Bank, you ask? Well, this bank boasts an impressive 35 million customers. This strategic alliance is all about connecting Flutterwave which already has a firm footing in 30 African countries to the economic powerhouse that is India. 

Zoom: This news is about to catapult Flutterwave’s IPO plans into high gear. The company has been on a roll, securing a payment services license in Egypt in June and obtaining name approval for its remittance business in August. It’s now edging closer to acquiring a money remittance license from the Central Bank of Kenya. And let’s not forget the recent game-changing integration with the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Financial Gateway (IFG), enabling Africans to settle their airline fees in their local currencies. 

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Digital IDs are coming to Ethiopia

A gunfight
Image source: Zikoko

Ethiopia has partnered with Madras Security Printers Private Limited to produce new digital IDs, known as Fayda, for its 120 million people. With a bid worth $300,000, they are all set to manufacture 1 million digital IDs.

ICYMI: The government initiated Fayda ID enrollment last year, and since then, over 1.4 million Ethiopians have registered. Fayda IDs will incorporate biometric information, ensuring secure access to various public services and streamlined identity verification when opening new bank accounts. Notably, the National Bank of Ethiopia, the nation’s central bank, will use Fayda as the primary ID for banking operations.

Zoom out: This ID system will rely on unique personal identifiers (UPI), using iris and facial biometrics along with fingerprint identification. It marks a significant leap forward, especially when other African nations are also transitioning to digital identification systems, with Kenya all set to launch a digital identity solution for its citizens this month. 

The digital future is upon us!

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