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In the Nigerian fintech landscape, where employee turnover is prevalent and co-founders frequently part ways with their companies, how has Nigerian fintech company Piggytech continued to maintain a close knit team of seven executives for years?

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  • What makes a CEO resign after ten years?
  • What are the specifics of the Sendchamp acquisition?
  • The startups selected for Bill Gates foundation fund
  • The World Wide Web3
  • Event: Moonshot Conference
  • Opportuinities 


What makes a CEO resign after ten years?

Van  Dijk holding a mic while sitting and speakings
Image source: TechCabal

The What: Bob van Dijk, the CEO of Naspers and Prosus, has resigned after 10 years in charge; Naspers is the largest African company by market capitalisation. Through its subsidiary, Prosus, it holds an estimated 26% stake in Tencent worth $112 billion. Despite completing 23 deals, Prosus’ most important investment remains Tencent and its value has continued to increase over the years. In 2021, Van Dijk proposed a new structure to have the value of Prosus’ Tencent investment show on Naspers books. It created a complex structure where Prosus went on to own 49% of its parent company. 

Why did Van Dijk leave? Eventually, the lopsided structure of a subsidiary owning its parent had to change. As the ownership changed, it opened the door to Van Dijk’s exit and shares of both companies fell on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

What’s next? While Van Dijk will remain as a consultant and help with the transition until the end of September 2024, Ervin Tu, the Chief Investment Officer of Naspers will become interim CEO. Here’s all you need to know about him. Per the WSJ, “The management change comes as the 108-year-old company pushes to make its e-commerce businesses and investments profitable, and works to narrow a persistent gap between the value of its shares and its stake in Tencent.” 

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What are the specifics of the Sendchamp acquisition?

sendchamp founders
Image source: TechCabal

In a report TechCabal exclusively released last week, we revealed that WhoGoHost had completed a full acquisition of SendChamp. Now, TechCabal has exclusively reported that the acquisition was valued in the “mid-six-figure” range in USD and involved a combination of cash and equity. Notably, a significant portion of Sendchamp’s initial investors chose to convert their ownership stakes in Sendchamp into shares of WhoGoHost as part of this deal.

SendChamp seemed to be doing okay: After raising $100,000 in an initial round, the startup secured additional funding in 2022, bringing the total to about $400,000. CEO Goodness Kayode noted that the company boasted approximately 6,000 clients, with a substantial portion being corporate clients generating significant monthly revenues in the five-figure range on multiple occasions. Despite a reduction in the size of its team earlier in the year, SendChamp appeared to be achieving impressive milestones.

So why get acquired? While the acquisition of SendChamp serves as a strategic move for WhoGoHost, Goodness notes that it represents an opportunity for SendChamp to expand with the support of a financially stronger company and a shared customer base.


The startups selected for Bill Gates foundation fund

Van  Dijk holding a mic while sitting and speakings
Image source: TechCabal

Investing in Innovation Africa (i3), a pan-African initiative funded by Gates Foundation, is providing equity-free funding to 29 African healthcare startups. Each of them will receive a $50,000 grant as well as connections to potential clients in industry, government, and donor agencies.

What kind of startups?  Both early-stage and growth-stage startups were accepted to the cohort, but only African-founded startups with African founders were considered. Startups in the cohort are building online pharmacies, telemedicine businesses, inventory management for pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals, product protection solutions, and supply chain data analytics.

Zoom out: The amount invented in health startups in the first half of the year—$330 million—is up from what was invested same time last year—$225 million.  This shows growing investor optimism in the health sector—good news for a clime where health has proven to be a capital intensive sector. Interesting thing about this selection is that women make up neary half of the selected health tech startups.

Crypto Tracker

The World Wide Web3



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Bitcoin $26,621

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Ether $1,637

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Cardano $0.2519

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– 4.53%

* Data as of 04:23 AM WAT, September 19, 2023.


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Written by –

Faith Omoniyi & Mariam Muhammad

Edited by – Noah Banjo