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Twitter—or X—is getting sued over its name. 

A marketing agency called X Social Media has filed a lawsuit against the company for trademark and service mark infringement. According to The Verge, the company says it has lost revenue due to market confusion since Twitter’s rebrand to X. 

The big picture here is that X Social Media is not alone: just about everyone in the market is confused about X—the advertisers, the users, the builders, and more importantly, ex-Chief Twit Musk himself. 🤷🏿

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Nigeria to equip 3 million people with tech skills

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Image Source: YungNollywood

Nigeria is getting new sets of tech bros.

The country’s minister of communications, innovation, and digital economy, Bosun Tijani, has announced plans to equip 3 million early-to-mid-career Nigerians with tech skills by 2027 as part of the ministry’s strategic blueprint.

A strategic blueprint? Bosun Tijani, on his Twitter page, shared a link to the draft of the blueprint dubbed “A Strategic Plan for the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy”. The strategic blueprint articulates the ministry’s vision to help diversify and deepen its economy through the use of digital technology and innovation. The blueprint contains a five-pillar agenda: knowledge, policy, infrastructure, innovation, entrepreneurship & capital, and trade.

According to the blueprint, half of the trained professionals will be retained within the local talent pool, while the remaining half will be exported as global talents through remote opportunities.

Zoom out: Beyond equipping Nigerians with tech skills, its strategic blueprint represents a positive development as the country looks to close its digital literacy gap and position itself across the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technological domains.

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Uganda shuts down six unlicensed radio stations

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Image source: YungNollywood

Uganda has taken a stern stance on unauthorised broadcasting.

Yesterday, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) shut down six radio stations that were allegedly broadcasting without licences, a clear infringement of the law.

Under the Uganda Communications Act 2013, it is categorically illegal for any entity to transmit content without obtaining a broadcasting license duly authorised by the UCC. 

The affected radio stations: The six radio stations facing this clampdown are Divine Partners, Hot FM, Millenium Community Radio, Salt & Light Christian City Church, Mgahinga Investments, and Welsto Company Limited.

Consequences of such violations: Offenders may face a substantial fine, possibly up to twenty-five currency points. In Uganda, the value of one currency point is determined by the finance ministry and serves as a basis for calculating fines. In this context, the penalty could be assessed based on the current value of a currency point, and the total fine would be 25 times that value. Alternatively, those found guilty may be subject to imprisonment for a maximum of one year, or both penalties combined.


Jumia to sell Starlink across Africa

Starlink image
Image source: Starlink

You can now order Starlink on Jumia. 

According to Jumia’s chief commercial officer Hisham El Gabry, the e-commerce giant has partnered with SpaceX to sell the satellite broadband services Starlink across Africa. The partnership will help sell Starlink terminals in areas that lack formal addresses and city mapping.

The sales of Starlink on Jumia will begin with Nigeria in the coming weeks, according to El Gabry. Users in Nigeria will be able to order Starlink satellite terminals and other kits on Jumia’s site and get them delivered to their doorsteps through Jumia agents. Jumia will extend the sales of Starlink’s product to the other African countries in which it operates. 

Side bar: Starlink launched in Africa earlier this year, with Nigeria being the first to receive its service. Since its launch, it has expanded to 11 African countries and is set to expand to 8 more according to its availability map. The product has faced several regulatory pushbacks on its adoption on the continent, with some countries like Senegal and Zimbabwe tagging its sale as illegal. 

Zoom out: Africa has the lowest internet penetration in the world. Jumia’s partnership with Starlink represents a way forward for the continent in deepening its internet access. 

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Kenya’s ICT Authority to manage e-waste in the country

Stanley Kamanguya CEO of ICTA
Stanley Kamanguya CEO of ICTA

Kenya is turning trash into treasure.

Through a partnership with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA), the ICT Authority (ICTA) is spearheading an e-waste management initiative to promote sustainability and job creation in Kenya. This initiative is a step to address the issue of electronic waste (e-waste) in the country.

Public institutions can now deposit their discarded electronic devices at the National Refurbishment, Assembly, and e-waste management facility in Nairobi’s industrial area. 

Collection targets and achievements: The ICTA has set a target of collecting 100,000 electronic devices from 284 public organisations, which includes state corporations, universities, and Technical and Vocational Education and Training institutions (TVETs) in the current fiscal year.

So far, the ICTA has successfully collected 11,103 devices from 42 public institutions and tested 2,696 devices. Per Stanley Kamanguya, CEO of the ICTA, they are considering the possibility of establishing an ICT devices museum based on the electronic devices they are receiving.

Future plans: Per Zilpher Owiti, director of partnerships, innovations and capacity development at the ICTA, the ICTA plans to scale into other private sectors and involve individuals. Additionally, a committee comprising 15 organisations has been mobilised to drive awareness and ensure the project’s sustainability.

Crypto Tracker

The World Wide Web3


Coin Market Cap logo

Coin Name

Current Value



Bitcoin $27,609

– 1.66%

+ 6.70%

Ether $1,666

– 3.43%

+ 1.94%



– 2.17%

+ 26.11%

Chainlink $7.59

– 3.62%

+ 26.11%

* Data as of 06:10 AM WAT, October 3, 2023.

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