Here’s how she went from playign Queen to leading in tech.

16 || March || 2024

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How Bukola Osuntuyi went
from acting to tech

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Today’s guest shared a photo of her, in character, sitting on a horse, back in her university days. 

Bukola Osuntuyi

You’re probably wondering how this “Queen Amina of Zazzau” successfully switched into the tech industry. She’s guest-authored this edition #EnteringTech🚀 to tell you all about it, in hopes that it will inspire you. Let’s go!

by Timi Odueso & Faith Omoniyi

From acting to tech

Bukola Osuntuyi wasn’t initially drawn to theatre arts, but looking back, it was the perfect choice at the time. The programme equipped her with invaluable skills for the business world, she says. From emotional intelligence and interpersonal relations to critical thinking and teamwork, the curriculum honed her into a well-rounded professional. Public speaking, another key takeaway, is a major asset these days. It all adds up to a win for Bukola.

Bukola Osuntuyi

She moved to Lagos for a one-year corp programme after graduating from A.B.U. Zaria, and later got into tech through a childhood friend, Benjamin Owobu, who persuaded her to apply for a customer experience role at 

That was back in 2012, and she was hearing about Konga for the first time. As she researched the company, she stumbled on a CNN interview with Sim Shagaya, the founder and ex-CEO of Konga, and that birthed the beginning of her love for tech startups. She then applied for the role and was offered a job in the Customer Experience Department.

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Her experience with the customer experience team at Konga helped her understand platform usability, e-commerce operations, and the customer journey.

Konga, CX Training Specialist Mar 2015 – Aug 2017
Shopflex, Manager, CX & Products Promotion Sep 2017 – Feb 2018
Shopflex, Senior Manager, Global Ops Mar 2018 – Jan 2019
Migo, Lead, CX and Insights Sep 2019 – Apr 2020
Indicina, Head of Customer Success Oct 2020 – Mar 2021
Customer Success Africa, Strategy & Ops Manager Jan 2021 – Sept 2022
Float, Head of Customer Success Apr 2021 – Mar 2022
Float, Global Ops and Customer Success Lead Apr 2022 – Mar 2023
RGU Union, Institutional Trainer Aug 2023 – Present

Her experience with the customer experience team at Konga helped her understand platform usability, e-commerce operations, and the customer journey. 

With these skills, she was promoted to a supervisory role in less than two years. But Bukola wanted more. 

So she started to enhance her technical, design, and analytical skills. Starting with Excel basics and fueled by online learning, Bukola mastered advanced functions, impressing her manager with customer feedback analysis and NPS reports for executives, launching her tech career ascent.

Bukola’s technical and cognitive skills facilitated her transition to the fintech industry, where she was hired by Adia Sowho, Migo’s former managing director. 

Under Sowho’s guidance, Bukola was able to expand Migo’s customer support team and shape the customer experience by collaborating closely with the IT, data science, and marketing departments. 

Turning a layoff around

Everything was going well; she was leading a team of support champions and learning more about the fintech industry. Then COVID hit in 2020, and she found herself out of a job.

Meme Source: YungNollywood

A five-month job search can be daunting. But instead of dwelling on the gap, Bukola took a proactive approach. She used this time for self-reflection, evaluating her career path and identifying ways to solidify her value in the tech industry. Here are eight strategies she says she implemented:

  1. Became a certified customer success manager through the Success Hacker Institute and transitioned to customer success, working with software companies.
  2. Engaged in self-directed learning and explored books like “The Lean Startup,” “Chief Customer Officer,” and “Developing the Leader Within You.”
  3. Consumed educational content through YouTube videos, TEDx talks, and podcasts.
  4. Accepted unfamiliar roles and projects and learned on the job.
  5. She increased her network by connecting with professionals on LinkedIn.
  6. Became Director of Operations in a Fintech Startup
  7. Started mentoring customer service professionals, aiding their growth and transition to both tech and non-tech roles.
  8. Enrolled in and completed a Master’s Programme in Business and Management in the United Kingdom to expand her knowledge of business.

In 10 years, Bukola progressed from a customer service agent handling varied customer reactions to a business operations leader in IT and financial services. She’s built teams, executed strategies for technology companies, fostered startup cultures, authored financial policies, managed organisational performances, optimised business processes, collaborated with IT executives, hired diverse talents, represented organisations at conferences, and organised global company retreats.

Bukola Osuntuyi

The role of a business operations professional is crucial in shaping tech organisations and fostering an optimal working environment.

As the new year begins, perhaps your goal for 2024 is getting into tech; it is 100% achievable even without having a technical background. To become a leader, particularly a female in the tech startup industry, Bukola says you need the right skill set, determination, innovative mind, and courage—akin to Queen Amina leading a male-dominated battlefront.

Bukola Osuntuyi is passionate about contributing to African tech startups by exploring innovative and strategic ways to foster business sustainability. You can connect with her on LinkedIn at Bukola Osuntuyi and Facebook at Bukola Osuntuyi. 


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