Nwachukwu Onyeaso

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19th June 2014

Entrepreneurship has been compared to an unusual lottery. The tickets are crazy expensive and the odds are far less favourable than the typical 1,000,000:1 odds. Like all lotteries, those who play actively overestimate their skill-level and by extension their chances of success, downplaying the amount of luck actually involved. There’s so much to learn when it […]

This post is continued from the first part here. Y U No Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is? The startup above could only garner $91 for their idea which is going to “Save lives in Africa.” $91? I am in no position to condemn anyone as I too did not contribute but this speaks […]

Cabal, ecosystem, Venture Capital
3rd March 2014

…as a country, we need to stop innovating around the edges. — Vinod Khosla, venture capitalist and co-founder, Sun Microsystems Step away from the Battlefield The #TCBattlefield event has come and gone. It was groundbreaking on so many levels and almost everyone is still basking in the afterglow. However, there have been a few dissenting voices who – for […]

After attending TechCabal Battlefield, we noticed the hall began to empty out by the second pitch and many folks simply didn’t appreciate what was going on. As a result, we wanted to present a lighthearted reportage for the non-business inclined. We’ll be using auditions from talent shows. CallBase Confident, brash, almost inviting the judges to […]

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