Caleb Nnamani is a Reporter at TechCabal, where he writes about Africa’s fast-rising technology ecosystem, exploring the intersections between technology, business, and culture. A lover of dogs and cats, he is curious about the role of technology in spotlighting Africa and changing consumer behaviours continent-wide. 

You can catch him breaking a startup’s funding story or investigating why investors are biased towards technical founders. And If you’re subscribed to TC Daily (TechCabal’s flagship newsletter), you’ll read Caleb’s writings on the day-to-day occurrences on Africa’s tech landscape, warmly written and laced with memes that make the tech a little less technical. 

When Caleb is not being a tech bro, he’s writing award-winning prose and poetry pieces, like the silver award-winning pieces in the Biopage international writing contest. At other times, he’s flexing his humour in pieces like “Japa: How to Migrate Away From Nigeria”, longlisted for Punocracy’s prize of satire, 2022.

His journalism stints before TechCabal had him reporting on the impact of politics and macroeconomics on Africans. At BriefCase Africa, a pan-African business-focused publication, Caleb wrote about Africa’s business environment, the impact of policies, and the prospects of doing business on the continent.

Caleb is a published author of children’s books. For Rubies Africa, he authored a collection of children’s literature that is currently distributed globally. His stories draw inspiration from Africa’s rich heritage and are designed to educate, entertain, and inspire readers. 

Find him on all social media channels @thecalebnnamani and on LinkedIn.