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Female programmers have to excel in a profession that is notorious for having a dearth of females and a general condescending attitude toward the few that seek to thrive in it as equals. Thankfully, TechCabal has a hugely popular series dedicated to identifying and brain-picking “Girls Who Code” in the now-virile Nigerian software development community. The series […]

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22nd June 2013

I’m not sure what it is about Ugochi that appeals to me so much. Maybe it’s because we both studied courses we were not passionate about in our first degree and somehow found our way back to our first love, Information Technology. Whatever the case, I saved my personal favourite for last with this co-founder […]

While we’re on the subject of girls who code, there’s an opportunity that should concern them. Said opportunity is the BlackBerry Scholars programme, a global women’s initiative designed to inspire more women to enter and develop careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Today, I’m in the slightly awkward position of presenting a girl who codes, who protests she doesn’t code. And that is in spite of having a developer CV as formidable as the Wall of Westeros. I’m yet to decide whether this is humbility, or if she is just an extreme code purist. You decide. Everyone, […]

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19th June 2013

In-house developer for a construction company by day and an applications developer by night, Zainab is the creator of NaijaXpress, an RSS aggregator for Nigerian content. In our chat with her, she talks about how she started coding, what languages she loves and why you shouldn’t listen to advic…well, sometimes.

In the brief chat I had with Uyoyo, she kept insisting that she was not a geek every fifteen minutes or so. Of course she codes, and has a certificate from Covenant University to prove it, so we’re not buying any of that. To be honest, I might have believed her, if she would have […]

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