In the brief chat I had with Uyoyo, she kept insisting that she was not a geek every fifteen minutes or so. Of course she codes, and has a certificate from Covenant University to prove it, so we’re not buying any of that.

To be honest, I might have believed her, if she would have just acted  “normal” and not insisted on her normalness so much. Even the shakara that she makes, as you’ll see shortly, is an app!

Go on and read more about her Uyoyo Edosio — all lols are hers.

Please give a brief description of yourself:

I am the CEO of TechTouch limited, which I co-founded with another lady programmer, Tolu Ojo.

Uyoyo is the last of seven children, studied Computer Science in Covenant University, loves classical music and plays the violin in her spare time.

And of course I love programming.

uyoyo edosio

What are your code proficiencies/languages/super powers?


C#,VB.Net, PHP,javascript,HTML 5.

Super powers? That would be anything .Net

How and why did you start/learn to code?

I studied computer science, and from 100 level, we were mandated to learn to code. But I started coding seriously in 2009, during my internship at an IT firm. The chief programmer resigned and the MD of the firm saw it fit pass on all programming jobs to me. He got me text books to lots of books on all the languages needed. I practically read my head out till I realised that I’d somehow gotten all the programming jobs done.

What have you done (projects/places you’ve worked)?

I must say that I work with teams on specific projects almost all the time. I’d done stuff like build my school’s portal, which is currently live in five private schools in Nigeria. I’ve also worked on quite a few internet portals for banks…cannot say names. We also design websites at TechTouch.

What are you working on right now/where are you working?

TechTouch is currently diverging into developing applications for mobile. In fact, we’ve got two products in the pipeline. The first is an app that will showcase Nigerian fashion and designers, called “Shakara”. The other is a value added service for a leading telco in Nigeria.

What kind of projects would you like to take on, going forward?

Hmm…in future I will love to undertake development of software solutions to automate redundant processes; specifically for Nigerian Ministries. I believe corruption exists in these ministries because the current system permits a lack of accountability. With technology, I believe it transparency can be introduced. For instance, keeping electronic audit trails would make make foul play easily traceable, and thus deter it.

On a lighter note, I would love to explore game development. Nigerian oriented games…stuff like “Chasing the Agbero’s” LOL!!! I have a dream that — the games will have great interfaces comparable to Grand theft Auto on play station.

It is sad to see the youth (especially girls) on the street, jobless . I pray TechTouch grows large enough to provide technology and economic empowerment for the youth of this country.

Random fact about Uyoyo

I love dogs.

Hate roaches…

People think I’m a geek. But I see myself as a chic that just loves programming.

Uyoyo Edosio is on Twitter as @yoyozee, and her website is at

This article is the second in the Girls who code series. We already interviewed Bukola Akinfaderin, and now there’s four more to go!

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