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17th June 2015

Like their western counterparts, a mish-mash of music and intrigues in their personal lives kept fans hitting the search buttons. Surprisingly, despite grabbing headlines for their off-stage antics, acts like Tuface, Dencia and P-Square did not hit the top ten in the most searched charts.

13th October 2014

Before the advent of Google, way back in the not-so-dark ages, if you needed an answer to a question that was boggling your mind, you either contemplated privately and arrived at a logical conclusion, visited the library or asked someone who knew. These is how the masters did it. The likes of Galileo, Newton and Einstein, private thoughts […]

Google Authorship was a very useful feature that allowed online publishers to associate (and claim) their published content with their Google+ profile.  The incentive was that Google would display relevant authorship details in search results. This helped Google enhance the search experience for users. Google Authorship displayed like this: Many online publishers like myself lapped it up. Not […]

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