Meet The Nine Startups In 440NG’s First Accelerator Cohort

Fully funded and ready to go, these are the first batch of 440 startups, who were officially welcomed into the accelerator by the management and mentors at a cocktail event in 440’s Lagos Garage.

As you will see, our initial speculation was mostly off, but no matter. We’ve got the real list here now. They are:

1. Jay Osbie

Fashion startup that aims to cater to  young upwardly mobile, and social individuals. Juwon Osobu who used to own before it was acquired by is one of the co-founders of the venture.

2. Ella Matthew

Also a fashion startup, but for women. Founder, Lola Olusola says the goal is to make fashion accessible and create the sort of variety that mega and generalist online platforms cannot provide.

3. Young Soul

There is a new federal policy that has made computer studies compulsory for high schools. This team of eight guys have created an electronic learning module that teaches the subject, with a computer. The idea is to make it easier for schools without in-house or underdeveloped computer training capacity to comply with the policy.

4. Jaramall

From their website, it looks like they started out as an online grocery store, but the startup’s founders have zeroed in on delivering food and fresh fruit to busy professionals in their offices.

5. Click Right Consult

The development team have created a solution that helps students prepare for Nigeria’s most important examination. JAMB. The solution simulates the exam electronically, tracks progress, is optimized for mobile and is available offline. Employing a fremium model, the platform allows students up to 500 questions after which they have to pay $2 for full access.

6. Taja

Inventory management software as a service with proprietary hardware that targets small and medium businesses.

7. Fuel voucher

Monitor your fuel consumption, because you guys guzzle fuel by the gallon. Very enthusiastic founders.

8. Prayer Box

Prayer Box allows users post prayer points online to your pastor and friends, who have ability to say “amen”, and will get notifications of testimony. Seriously. The founders hope churches will adopt it and accept tithes and offerings via the service.

9. Obiweezy

I can’t be sure that I got the spelling right, but this is what their name sounds like, for real. Two young and very interesting computer village phone dealers have decided to take their trade to the next level and have created an electronic pawn shop for used mobile phones. Via web and mobile app, the platform allows users trade up phones, buy used phones with warranties, sell used phones securely. Perhaps the most exciting startup of the bunch, these guys remind me of Autobox.

We’ll be getting up close and personal with some of these startups in due course.

440 space

The startups, will recieve hands on training, mentorship, business support and go to market strategy over the next three months from 440NG, a joint venture between 88MPH and L5Lab that is committing up to $2 million to Nigerian startups that target African markets. Demo day is in December.


  • Tomi Hassan says:

    God Bless the founders and the investors .. #eyesclosed

  • Larry Eliemenye says:

    Pathetic excuses for startups

    • Goon says:

      You are wrong to generalize. A fashion e-commerce startup properly run is not a pathetic excuse. I own a fashion e- startup, 7 months old and we are doing upwards of $30,000 in revenue per month. Not a lot of small tech startups doing very “innovative” things can do that. The tech ecosystem is so focused on the innovative that they seem to forget that the industry is in its infancy and the basic ideas are what should matter for now. My opinion.

    • Okechukwu Nnamdi says:

      It doesn’t matter what anyone says, the fact is one cannot see all opportunity available. The founders believe they have seen opportunity let them go ahead. You will be shocked the market that is waiting for some of these start-ups.. Its all about execution in the end. I always give example about the folks running the Lego franchise in Naija.. who would have thought they would reach such traction from selling toys.

      But I will like to comment about the grocery startup. Recently my estate has been invaded with mini-marts.. between estate gate and street entrance I drive through at least 6 mini marts. Driving from the office I can easily stop at 3 major marts. So I am thinking where is the sensibility in ordering groceries online. Non-regardless the founder should forge ahead and learn from the Market. Konga started up trying to sell groceries and they pivoted away from that.

    • winnpett says:

      Pathetic thumb flexer

    • I like this guy. Yeah @disqus_ysNWYXrjc2:disqus
      I could still argue that you ain’t even qualified to be called a programmer.
      #ScriptKiddies be like #WhyNotMe #JustSaying

    • kolexinfos says:

      @larry depressing

    • Larry Eliemenye says:

      @kolex. yea man. The Pawn shop one is pretty cool tho if executed properly.

  • Ayekoto says:


  • jimbavia says:

    I swear, No real ideas found here !!!

    • Tomi Hassan says:

      lool idea= error 404… Nothing innovative Found 🙁

        • Tomi Hassan says:

          You should checkout the meaning of innovative, i guess you didn’t think straight enough before hitting the reply button to utter out “WTF”. I can say it again.. Nothing Innovative/creative on the list ..

          You should read this “”

          PS: I got no hate for y’all startup founders…
          Who knows ? You guys might be the next big thing in Africa.

      • You are like WTF…
        Like seriously what is
        #DumbIdea, and please launch your shit.

        • Tomi Hassan says:

          oops bro, shoot me your email and i will be pleased to send you the apk… I didnt launch washlify simply because i got admitted into 🙂 and you actually put some lolly pop inside your mouth while you watch me do great things soon 🙂 .. #peace #out

          • Yinusa Kehinde says:

            At first i didn’t see the need to reply, but then why shouldn’t i.
            Let’s not do this here. check your fb.

          • Okechukwu Nnamdi says:

            None of my business, but since you started it, I might as well mention. Don’t you think the name washlify is a bit lame. Dont u feel funny when u say oh please download the washlify app.. really…washlify… Did u make up the name in your sleep.

            Asides the silly name, of all the problems to solve, you decided to curate data on laundromats. This is apt of any creativity. and ur calling other peoples idea dumb. Sad.


    • winnpett says:

      And what s ur own idea, to wallow in ur misery n put people down…..bloody thwart u had better pray sm1 helps u

      • Tomi Hassan says:

        i guess you are one of the founders or friend/family or someone who is half-witted to comment like this. Get a life or get in-touch with humanity my friend

  • Sola Akindolu says:


  • Jaiye Sean Archer says:

    besides obiweezy and fuel voucher. the rest dont impress me

    • Seun Daniels says:

      8 years ago Twitter didn’t impress anyone!
      We all can learn from that!

      • Jaiye Sean Archer says:

        are you really naive enough to compare these fourth grade ideas to a disruptive idea like twitter? wat is so new about these ideas? wat is disruptive about dem? and how many off them can scale across lagos or at most naija tlk less globally?……. abeg park well

  • Ogunlana Olumide says:

    Good luck and God speed guys

  • unkn0wn says:

    Story for the gods.

  • kemo says:

    looooool, these 440ng guys are laughable. Now they have changed funding from 40,000 – 110,000 dollars to 20,000 to 110,000 on cnbc. am sure these startups were cheated. all bolox sharks.
    I thought they were supposed to be 10 startupz though?

  • Onyeka says:

    Sometimes you cant avoid expecting more but I believe that they need easy wins to validate the program. Also what is super easy in other countries can be annoyingly difficult in Nigeria.

    • Thats exactly my tot. they have to work with start-ups that wouldn’t need too much too work/scale to validate the program, you can expect innovative ones in the coming year maybe, right now its about keeping it simple!
      that does not mean the ones they have on ain’t innovative, its that it score low on innovation (not scalability or ability to succeed). So thumbs up to the 9 they obviously must have impressed the judges or done something right the other applicants overlooked. #Justsaying

  • Obinna Akunne says:

    I Liked two start up’s. The one that helps students prepare for jamb (am on the site already and it is quite attractive) and most especially the one where you trade phones.

  • The R-Rated Truth says:

    Just Crap

    This list just craps out the credibility of the exercise… All the startups chosen have little likes, have little content and seriously have no cutting edge over other startups. What about Hello Doc, Credit Me, Cashdown, Snerpie etc.. People who they should have at least taken the time to speak to and perhaps see if their revolutionary claims are good. Now, they are just seeming like a bunch of man-know-man assholes and to think some glorified “White Men” were involved in the process shows that our seemed demi-gods are just trailer trash.

    Sorry if this has gone out of context but can they seriously justify these startups? NIGERIA is doomed is such crap turns out to be the order of the day.Silvia Brune, Kresten Buch and the remaining umpha lumpas should come for a freaking defense of their choice and make it right.

    Come on, 2 fashion startups? how many others are out there? who buys clothes online from someone they don’t know or doesn’t have a brand worth recognizing??

    PrayerBox? Really?…ok, that choice was probably on a Sunday, NEXT!!!

    Fuel Vouchers,Jaramall and the remaining jerk-offs would close before the end of 2 years because unless $100,000 is at least pumped to them, they are done.

    REASON? They are infiltrating a crowded eco-system, where is the creativity?

    Nigeria, We are FUC.KED

    • winnpett says:

      U r just hating, I hope your weary soul finds rest……..probably you hoped you wld have been recognised eeeya get over your self or your mediocrity will make you die in penury. Learn to be happy with others progress else this habit of yours will soon be labelled witchcraft and be cautious of the fact that not all Nigerian are ducked two – time ducked piece of shit

      • Tomi Hassan says:

        i guess you are one of the founders or friend/family or someone who is half-witted to comment like this. Get a life or get in-touch with humanity my friend

    • Corleone Jay Topknotch says:

      i agree with your POV,i believe there are other start-ups that are more credible and worth investing in..too bad the umpha lumpas as you called them are too myopic to see this..

    • Wezam says:

      First big congrats to the guys that got in. The calibre of people on the 440 network is amazing!!! Im sure these guys will get a lot of help.
      @ R Rated truth.. they dont have to give any explanation on why they invested their money in any one in the first place. Also its the opportunity/potential that matters not the innovation. Before someone calms down to give people their hard earned money, they know most likely thought it through for weeks and deliberated at length. Your assessment of their choices with so little info about them is rather harsh.

  • Isola-Osobu Jerome Adejuwon says:

    WOW… It’s just amazing to see how much negativity people have on here about 440ng and the startups chosen to participate in the accelerator program. 440 put simply put their money where they felt they could win not because of “man-know-man”. And if funds were gotten that way, why hasn’t that your rich uncle invested in you?

    I’ve worked alongside the other startups at the garage and they’re among the most brilliant people I’ve seen. Diverse and brilliant. No idea is brand new, execution is what sets the winners apart from the losers. My space and hi5 were huge before facebook, twitter and instagram came into the picture (there has to be at least 1,000 social media platforms).

    Negative or positive comments matter very little at the end of the day. It’s how the market reacts to the product and how well you’re able monetize and scale that matters in the end.

    @hassanjnrii:disqus you’ve been on 440’s case for a while though. Remeber and Chill bro, it’s not that deep

    • Seun Daniels says:

      This Tomi Hassan dude should take a CHILL PILL. The fact you or your family/friends weren’t chosen doesn’t make others a failure!

      • Tomi Hassan says:

        Oh seun, here is the certificate for been the ” witless”. guy of the year. now you can sit your black ass down. #next !!

        • Seun Daniels says:

          Oh Geez, You are so predictable!
          Washlify? Really?
          Uber of laundry? Netflix of laundry!
          Are you F***ing kidding me?
          What can be more witless and foolish?
          You aren’t worthy dude

    • Tomi Hassan says:

      hey, they created TC for people to say what’s on their mind truthfully and not just try paint some startup with white color and say “YES”.. your startup is good bla blah. #peace

  • This goes out to everyone on the comment thread. I’ve resisted the urge to comment until recent events.

    1. The fact that a startup doesn’t impress you doesn’t meant its a dumb idea. If you look at the caliber of people on the 440 panel, its hard to believe that they would invest in “dumb” ideas,

    2. Secondly, get over yourselves. What you guys call “innovative” 90% of the time will not sell in Nigeria. What Nigeria needs first is to take tech practices from places where they have worked and adapt them to make there work for this environment. Trying to be an Elon Musk(Tesla and SpaceX) by doing whatever you call “innovative” is complete BS. The market cant support it.

    3. Raising money doesn’t mean you’ve won (this goes out to the start up founders as well), if anything is a call to work your ass off because you have one less reason to fail. The only thing it does for you is mental because someone else sees opportunity and puts money into it.

    4. Stop attacking people. if you didn’t get picked! Go cry to your mummy and look inwards. There’s probably a reason why. Attacking other people and what they do is absolutely childish(even if I wanted to invest in you, if you pull of something like that its a no brainier). Some people even go as far as personal attack. Like someone said…”its not that deep”. Keep working on your idea, Someone somewhere will put money in it or you might build it up to something big..”who knows?”

    I’m not interested in arguing so please don’t reply…you’ll be wasting your time.

  • Jaiye Sean Archer says:

    comparing’s portfolio to’s portfolio i will av to giv it to spark

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