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It’s no secret that internet users are spending increasing amounts of time on social media. Everyday, millions of Nigerians create and consume most of their content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and this behavior is exactly what Nigerian entrepreneur, Ugo Iromantu wants to exploit with his new app.

Introducing Skits, a mobile app that lets you earn money by creating mobile ad videos for brands in Nigeria. They are calling it the “first social commerce app”.

So how does it work?

Brands can create ad campaigns using the Skits dashboard, then Skits users can create and submit mobile videos for the campaign. After receiving enough submissions, the brand can then pick the video that best tells their story, and Skits users can then start promoting it on their pages, to earn points.

Users have to rack up more than N5000 worth of points if they want to redeem as cash; anything lower, and they’ll have to settle for airtime. Of course, the creator of the chosen video gets paid anywhere from N10,000 to over N1,000,000 depending on how much the brand uses their videos. Talk about incentive.


At the moment, the app is only available on the Google Play Store, but Apple users can use it via the mobile web app until the iOS app is available.

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  1. There was something like this a while ago. Mobilizr. Before then, Sharetori.

  2. Both of those services are somewhat similar in that they provide users with incentives. But our proposition is different because of how those incentives are aligned, not to mention the user experience. Social apps are a dime a dozen, so subtle variations in the experience often make all the difference. Feel free to read a bit more about us on our website :slightly_smiling:

  3. Eventually there's a peak(in virality, in clicks, in click-throughs) then it can no longer go on. Surprisingly, this peak is reached within three months.

    Also, as a non-creating user, I HAVE to keep coming back to Skit to watch brands promote stuff? Or do the videos go beyond the app?

  4. says:

    Aren't Social Media Celebrities using Instagram --and the likes, to do this already..

  5. Yes but Instagram doesn't ONLY contain ads of people trying to sell me stuff. There's all kinds of original content that Kraks, Funny African videos and all those guys churn out as well as all the images of what my friends are up to.

    Is Skits going to contain original content as well or just ads? You didn't answer my question sir.

  6. says:

    I wasn't answering you bro, I just said my opinion on the topic.. That is pointing out that people are already using Instagram and the likes to do what Skits wants to do and stuff..

  7. Hey guys, I'll try to address all your questions.

    @binjoadeniran what we are building is a social network in its own right - one where users can create videos and share just for the heck of it. What makes it different is the opportunity to earn. A brand creates a campaign (asking users to create videos), users record videos for the campaign and the brand features the best ones. Those videos become featured videos. The creators of those videos earn and the promoters of those videos earn too.

    Yinka just to clarify, a promotion is when a video gets shared outside of Skits to other social networks by a unique user. And, yes, for this we use the relevant social sharing APIs. Creators create fun content, promoters distribute it across social media, and everyone gets rewarded. The value of a promotion is the views it generates from people who watch it because that person shared it with them. The more views a promoter generates across social media, the more s/he gets paid.

    @sprime that's exactly the point. To be recognised on other platforms, you have to build a large following and wait to get noticed by a brand when you eventually achieve celebrity status. That's because the brand wants you simply because you have a large following that it could reach. On Skits, you don't need to even have a single follower on any platform to have your videos featured by brands, so long as your videos are fun and engaging. It's your creativity that counts. Essentially, you could earn from day one. This is possible because we don't rely on the video creator to generate the audience, we rely on the video promoters. In a sense, you might say the video creation is outsourced and the video promotion is crowdsourced.

    Debola it's really not that complex. Here's the flow:
    (i) brands create campaigns
    (ii) users discover campaigns and create videos on Skits
    (iii) brands feature the best videos
    (iv) other users on Skits promote featured videos
    (v) creators and promoters get paid
    (vi) REPEAT.

    @binjoadeniran of course, while the potential to earn is important, in the midst of this there will be people who use the app just to goof about. So the majority of content on Skits will be non-promotional. But there is a certain rawness about user-generated content that can be quite fun, and third-party ads tend to not fit in very well in this context. We believe that branded user-generated content creates better harmony and Skits is our way of trying to make this happen.

    *sips water and wipes forehead with hanky*

  8. Tolu says:

    @Iromantics i think you got something here and this can work. Although simply targeting brands feels a bit too restricted and less social.

    If you also targeted musicians, this could blow up in a different way. Every 10th song these days has a new dance to it and artists want to promote that as much as possible. Instagram is crowded with videos like these, it's almost annoying.
    Infact, won't be surprised if half of all major artists' posts on instagram are "Repost from a fan" etc.

    In addition, it gives an added human touch. For example, knowing Olamide picked my video rather than Coca-Cola (some marketing exec with no name/face) is much better for users. After all you are aiming to be "social".

    Those are my two cents anyway. Focus on the social part.

  9. @ADT - food for thought. The current UX actually works in the way you've described for brands and personalities alike, just that our marketing language hinges more on brands...for now. But the story will continue to improve and evolve. Thanks for brainstorming with us!

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