Building the Future: Lessons learnt from attempting to build an ecommerce platform in Nigeria, with Deepankar Rustagi
Audio, ecosystem, Podcast, Podcast
14th August 2017

Deepankar Rustagi is the founder of Vconnect, an online business directory and local search engine in Nigeria. This episode is a lesson on how to get traction for your startup by focusing on one metric that matters.

Building the Future: In Conversation with Mark Essien
Audio, ecosystem
25th July 2017

Dotun and Mark Essien talk about building a business around scalable distribution channels and why raising money too early can kill your startup.

Building the Future: In Conversation with Bob Collymore
Audio, ecosystem, Media
18th July 2017

Dotun and Bob Collymore talk about the future of technology, industrialization, creating jobs, and using tech to solve real problems that people face in Africa.

Building the Future: Iyin Aboyeji – Empowering People, Building Platforms and Getting Power
Audio, ecosystem
6th July 2017

In this podcast, we explore how to build platforms that will enable the next generations of African entrepreneurs to build scalable businesses across the continent.

African Tech Roundup: Malawi’s Push for National Digitisation
Audio, ecosystem
28th June 2017

Musa Kalenga and Andile Masuku discuss some of the things that Malawian policy-makers ought to prioritise in building digital foundations for the country.

African Tech Roundup: Africa-Focused Insights From IoT World Forum 2017
African Tech Roundup, Audio
19th June 2017

This week’s African Tech Roundup is dedicated to sharing insights taken from the recent Internet of Things World Forum hosted in London by Cisco .

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