Andile Masuku

African Tech Roundup: Investor Bias Debate 2.0 + Should Africa Embrace Uberisation? feat. Vije Vijendranath
African Tech Roundup
1st August 2017

In this episode, Andile Masuku and Musa Kalenga are joined by Tapsnapp founder & CEO, Vije Vijendranath, to discuss the impassioned response to the investor bias debate

African Tech Roundup: Uber drivers in SA now considered employees of the service
African Tech Roundup
19th July 2017

Andile Masuku and Musa Kalenga discuss some of the legal implications of the new labor ruling in South Africa for Uber.

African Tech Roundup: Malawi’s Push for National Digitisation
Audio, ecosystem
28th June 2017

Musa Kalenga and Andile Masuku discuss some of the things that Malawian policy-makers ought to prioritise in building digital foundations for the country.

African Tech Roundup: Africa-Focused Insights From IoT World Forum 2017
African Tech Roundup, Audio
19th June 2017

This week’s African Tech Roundup is dedicated to sharing insights taken from the recent Internet of Things World Forum hosted in London by Cisco .

The Expat Founder Debate and a Busload of Accidental Hot Takes Feat. Mark Kaigwa
1st June 2017

Mark Kaigwa joins Musa Kalenga and Andile Masuku on this week’s African Tech Round-up for two hours of straight-talk.

African Tech Roundup: Scientists Successfully Remove HIV Virus From Mouse Cells Using CRISPR
15th May 2017

Scientists have found a way to remove the HIV virus from the DNA in mouse cells using CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

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