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There have been rumors alright, around the TechCabal newsroom. We’ve been thinking about kicking off the podcast for some months now, but never got around to it.

We have now considered our ways, however, and are ready to walk the podcast’s straight and narrow. Introducing the TC Quick and Dirty Podcast. It’s what we are calling it … for now. Bankole isn’t sure about the name just yet. I’m not sure about it either, but I’m beginning to like the  sound of it. Maybe you could suggest a name for the podcast after listening. No? Yes? 

Anyways, this is the pilot episode and on it, Bankole and I mouth off about news from last week, (10 – 15th August); the $20 million cash injection into Nigeria’s Venture Garden Group, the fight to tame the logistics beast in Nigeria’s e-commerce, how Nigerian e-commerce startup, Konga has a secret Ice Cream fountain at its HQ (straight face), and a bunch of other newsy stuff. 

I should drop the podcast here right now and run very far away. It’s the first, like I said, so it’s pretty rough at the edges. 

Please, let’s know what you think. We’ll be happy to take your thoughts to the TC council (that exists) and most likely iterate in that direction. 

*vulcan salute* Oh, and leave your comments right here. Thank you.

Gbenga Onalaja | Author

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