Somebody stop him: Vic O is about to release a freestyle to Desiigner’s Panda

Gather round, children. It’s storytime. It was the year 2016 when the great Lord Desiigner, first of his name and second of his ilk said, “I am in possession of female homosapiens in the conurbation called Atlanta where opium is twisted with lean and some Fanta as well”.

Nigerian…rapper, poet and Platinum-certified peace ambassador, VIC O (popular for his hit songs, After Parry, Enigma, and RIP Drake & Meek) tweeted last night, that he’ll release his freestyle to the Panda instrumental if he gets 2000 retweets.

Right now, he’s gotten 331 and I’d like to ask the good readers of TechCabal to keep it that way, thanks and God bless. Although, as I type this, I realise that he will release the song whether or not he gets 2000 retweets. And we will listen to it. And we will talk about it on Twitter. And he’ll get free publicity ad infinitum.


Somebody stop him!!

It’s a brilliant game he’s playing. Realise that you have to be remarkable to succeed. Everyone’s struggling to be remarkably good. Vic O has spotted that there’s a lot of room for you if you’re remarkably bad, and he’s taking advantage of it. If that’s not genius, then I don’t know what is.

This is me laughing at the “upcoming rapper” with 100 plays on SoundCloud who looks down on Vic O’s talent. Or the lack of it. #winning