Yesharvest is Spotify for fresh fruits and vegetables


Well, not exactly, they haven’t invented veggie-streaming. What they will do though, is deliver a helping – around 15kg – of fresh fruits and vegetables to your home (if you’re a subscriber) every Saturday between 7am and 6pm. If you decide to subscribe, their site says your “Yesharvest” will contain 6 types of fruits, 2 types of veggies, fresh banga fruits, and fresh tomatoes, depending on seasonal availability.

Who is this service for? From what I can see, it’s for high-mid income users who care a lot about living healthy, but are too busy to do actual grocery shopping. They are also the kinds of people to care about Yesharvest’s pledge to donate fresh fruits and veggies to internally displaced persons in North Eastern Nigeria, for every subscription they get.

Even though I’m not gung-ho about eating fruits, I can see how spending 5,000 naira every week on fresh fruits will benefit those who decide to do it. I’m going to get me some fried chicken. 🙂