CompexAfrica is an online marketplace to buy and sell companies


Yes, you heard that right. Someone’s trying to give exit opportunities to small and medium scale business owners in Africa. CompexAfrica (which I assume means Company Exchange Africa) is trying to act as a melting pot of sorts for all kinds of players in the business space. They allow people list their businesses, then link them up with potential buyers through brokers and business advisory companies.

When you visit the site and try to create an account, you’ll be asked to select one of three account types: business buyer, business seller, and business broker. After picking, you’ll be bounced into a form to fill in the usual details and you’re done. They are launching with around 100 businesses and brokers who have been pre-vetted, and their hope is that they become the default location for anyone looking to scale their business or make any strategic moves via acquisition.

Do check it out.