I should tell you that I’m currently neck deep in a hackathon, since yesterday. OoTheNigerian dragged me into a three day coding and building affair.

What are we building? An app that will make it easier for people to give and receive blood in Nigeria. There’s a bit more to it than that, but all will be revealed when the hack is done. Oo does say something about it here, you should check that out.

Considering what the cause is, and the other insanely brilliant people that he managed to drag along, I consider myself lucky to have been er…dragged. Though the trouble with hackathons is when you’re in one, you can do little else. Obviously.

The one unfortunate consequence of being at the hack however is that I’ll have to miss GDays Nigeria. And I was really looking forward to being there, just didn’t find out the date till, well, I’d committed to the former. Femi Taiwo ( remember him from the last code party?) is once again on the end of that, and I expect that for both developers and business people that find their way to the National Arts Theatre where it’ll hold, every minute will be worth it.

We’ve got a series that we hope you’ll find interesting coming up next week. It’s about…hmm, I should probably talk about that in another post.

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