Update, 4.25pm: the Google access issues have been fixed.

If you’re on the Etisalat network, and can’t access Google or any of their related services (Gmail, YouTube et al), you’re not alone. Since last night, I thought my internet had problems when Google searches via my browser’s address bar refused to resolve. But when I tried to visit my Gmail this morning, I knew something wasn’t right.

Uptime monitoring services confirmed that Google and family were up, and that it was just me, leading me to assume that it had something to do with my PC. But after observing the same problem on my phone, from which I share my internet with other devices, I began to suspect the network. I put out a tweet to see if I was the only Etisalat subscriber having trouble with Google. As it turns out, I’m not the only one.

Just one person reported having no issues. I’ve also noticed that I’m somehow able to access my Gmail via my Windows Phone’s native email app. But nothing works on the web, and there’s a ton of tweeps in my mentions who’ve corroborated the issues with accessing Google services via Etisalat.

I’ve been retweeting all the reports and cc-ing Etisalat support. They are supposed to be super fast and ultra responsive to support requests and inquiries, but so far they’ve kept mum took them long enough, but they’ve begun to reply with requests for location and phone numbers via DM.

Bing is not a search engine, I’m sorry, and since last night, I’ve been finding out the hard way that using the Internet without Google is just scroogled. Beyond search, it’s fascinating, up to the point of scary, just how essential Google has become to everyday life. For most of us, Google is the internet.

You heard the man. Please fix it.

Bankole Oluwafemi | Author